3D Baby Hands and Feet

Tiny fingers and toes don’t stay that way for long.
You can make the memory last with a foot or hand casting, capturing a precious moment of your baby’s early development.

The process takes just a few minutes and is safe for your baby from as little as a few days old. Go to our FAQ page to know more about the process. Our standard cast comes in a white box frame with white mount, a choice of plain coloured cards and pure white cast.

Optional extra’s for the finished product are endless. Backgrounds can be simple and classic or bright and fun. The only limit is your imagination. The actual cast finish can be upgraded to metal effect, coloured or pearlescent tones.

The final sculpture makes the perfect personalised keepsake. If you would like multiple copies of your cast, as gifts for grandparents or other family, we can make duplicate copies at an additional cost – please give us notice if you would like multiple casts.